Fetch the Data is a monthly report that combines social media intelligence, search, and global survey data to uncover and map digital insights and trends
Aug 2020
Sexual Harassment in Egypt

In light of the recent online wave aimed at publicly exposing and shaming harassers, we asked ourselves: what has lead to this online movement and how does it translate on social media?

Jul 2020
What People Miss

Forced into quarantine, most of us are appreciating the little things we took for granted in what feels like a past life. Now that things are slowly opening up; We asked ourselves what can social data tell us about what people in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates miss the most?

Jun 2020
The New Normal

As the whole world is longing to go back to normal, we’re faced with the reality that we need to adapt to a new normal. What does this new normal mean? And how are people talking about it online?

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