Awards & Recognition

Since it was founded in 2012, KAIRO has become a leading independent agency within
the MENA region, winning numerous awards recognising the quality excellence and
effectiveness of the agency’s work.

In 2017 KAIRO received the prestigious Independent Agency of the Year title at the Dubai Lynx Festival as a result of multiple awards in the Media and Film Craft categories. In 2016 KAIRO received the Gold award in the celebrated Film category at the Dubai Lynx Festival. While in 2015, KAIRO was Finalist in the Film category at the celebrated Cannes Lions Festival, an achievement only 2 previous campaigns in the history of Egypt have accomplished.

Furthermore, KAIRO was in the top 3 Independent Agencies in the Middle East four times
at Dubai Lynx, winning “The Independent Agency of the Year” award in both 2017 and 2014. In the four years since its inception, KAIRO won over 30 awards and recognitions in different advertising competitions, namely Cannes Lions, Dubai Lynx, Effie Awards,
and the Grand Prix at the African Cristal Festival. As a result of these achievements,
KAIRO’s Executive Creative Director was selected as the first Jury member from the
middle east to judge at the prestigious Clio Awards of New York in 2014 and 2016.



  • Independent agency of the year 2017 – Dubai lynx festival
  • Media category- Dubai lynx festival
  • Film craft category- Dubai lynx festival


  • Film Category GOLD Winner – Dubai Lynx Festival


  • Film Category Finalist – Cannes Lions Festival
  • 2nd Independent Agency Of The Year – Dubai Lynx Festival
  • Design category (typography) – dubai lynx festival
  • film category – dubai lynx festival
  • film craft category (sound design) – dubai lynx festival
  • FILm category – african crystal festival


  • press lions national diploma – cannes lions festival
  • Independent agency of the year 2014 – Dubai lynx festival
  • Print, print craft & outdoor – Dubai Lynx festival
  • design category – info-graphic poster – dubai lynx festival
  • film craft – animation – dubai lynx festival
  • radio campaign – dubai lynx festival
  • press, OUTDOOR & print craft – african CRISTAL FESTIVAL
  • Radio campaign – African Cristal festival
  • film – african cristal festival


  • 3rd Independent agency of the year 2013 – Dubai lynx festival
  • design category – kairo info-graphs – dubai lynx festival
  • film category- dubai lynx festival