for ideas from untameable Cairo.

KAIRO is an award-winning communications agency. It is built as an agile and young company, whose purpose is to create ideas under solid strategic platforms that endure the challenges of a supersonic changing world.

With the internet bringing brands closer to their audiences than ever before, our goal is to create work that is digitally native. But when it comes to digital communication, it is easy to get lost in the daily essentials of posts, tweets, pics and vids, while marginalizing the epicenter that can create a movement, the idea. We believe that a digital idea is not necessarily born a “digital” idea. It can be born anywhere. Whether it starts as an on-ground activation, an online video, is technology led, or even if it starts as an outdoor or TV campaign, the one criterion for any idea to have worth today is for it to thrive within the digital ecosystem.

Building on the expertise of a management team with over 15 years of experience in multinational Advertising and Research Agencies, KAIRO is a full fledged agency with an array of respectable clients both local and multinational, both in Egypt and the region. Our clients operate in various industries such as FMCGs, beauty and healthcare, real estate, banking, home appliances, and retail.

In the past four years we managed, together with our clients, to create inspiring success stories, whether in the launch of new brands in the market or the re-introduction and complete repositioning of existing brands.